Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Attract visitors to your website using html special characters

Now these days every one want do something extra that other can't do or thoughts that never seen before. I have been think about that can we put attractive effects in our website that Google will show in organic result :), but it not possible.

In the recent competitor analysis i have found a smart competitor who is using a html special characters in own website's description......The character is "" HTML code is "&"#9733";" remove the " to use this code

Now you can past this code in your website's pages' descriptions. I will work and it will seem unique among other results.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Before Start SEO Campaign

Congratulation you got new project
Now what......

Some webmasters or SEO companies start doing SEO instantly, they forget to understand about website's industry/niche/theme type and that will effect after some time.

understanding website's category and about website that is most important thing before start a SEO campaign. That is makes your knowledge updated so that you can get information about your keywords and your competitors. in short it is every important before starting keywords research.

What exactly you should do :

1) First you should read about website.
2) Now you know what about your website is. so go throw google and read about more
3) Now check related websites so that you can aware about your competitors too

Now you can go for keywords research

Best of luck

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