Monday, March 26, 2012

How to use rel author tag in Blogger & Wordpress

Hi Guys,

Now these days Google has lounch new tag called: Rel="Author". This is Author information tag. You have seen some results with photo of their authors.

The tag can be used in any platfrom whether it is your own hosted website/blog, or free hosts like blogger and wordpress etc

How to use Rel author tag

It has very simple concept, Let's me clear it by this method:

A Blog Post ----> B Author Profile ----> C Google Profile -----> B Author Prifile

  1. A. link from your blog post to your WordPress author archive page using rel="author"
  2. B. link from your WordPress author archive page to your Google+ profile using rel="me"
  3. C. link from you Google+ profile page to your WordPress author archive using rel="me"
To know more about How to put it, Click Here


Jothi said...

Google Authorship plays major role in SEO these days

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